About Economy Appliance, Heat & Air

Economy started as a one man show back in 1991 by Ken Siefert. Armed with nothing but his extensive knowledge and an old mail truck purchased at auction, he began to build a legacy. What was born out of that initial endeavor was a thriving family of dedicated and hard working individuals who now make up our crew of nearly 60 team members! Ken understood the value of hard work and being honest with his customers and we carry on that same tradition today. His son, Dustin, and his new wife, Brittany, (Congratulations you two!) are leading the pack and working hard alongside Ken and the rest of our team to continue serving our community even better today and forward into tomorrow.

Don’t think for a second that Ken is willing to sit back and let the kids run the show. He still gets his hands dirty and runs service calls when needed! When he does manage to slip away for some much deserved R&R, he enjoys working in his garden and spending time with his family.

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